About us

Our PICA members are police officers and civilians, all who are interested  in preserving police heritage. Most of them are serving or retired police officers but regardless of profession, our members work well together to maintain their hobby and to be supportive to the colleagues. One of our primary goals was a fairness in trade, from this we require the recommendation in the new members admission to be convinced of their integrity.


Chairman – Krzysztof WALCZYNSKI

Vice-chairman - Dariusz SIEGER
Secretary – Lukasz WOJTOWICZ
Treasure – Piotr WYRODA
Chairman of the Internal Affairs – Jacek WALASZCZYK

Members of the Internal Affairs - Mariusz BEREZOWSKI and Waldemar STANCZUK

POLISH PICA liaison officer – Jacek MICHALKOWSKI email: jacekmichalkowski@wp.pl