You will find the list of our members with their area of interest and contact data below. Feel free to use to get the contact. You can also ask to send the circular with your offer to all our members through liaison officer

1 Gryz Grzegorz Hats, patches, police badges all around the world  
2 Michalkowski Jacek Police hats, IPA pins, NYPD patches
3 Latacha Piotr Police badges, especially Polish and postcards  
5 Walczynski Krzysztof Police cap and breast badges  
7 Suprowicz Andrzej Hats and patches  
8 Dratwinski Pawel Police patches, uniforms and badges
10 Semenowicz Jozef Police hats, patches and badges    
12 Wyroda Piotr Police badges all around the world  
13 Bratkowski Tadeusz Patches  
15 Drabik Leszek Polish militia and police badges  
16 Cisowski Slawomir Polish police before WWII, police baseball caps, reenactment  
18 Pinda Pawel Police hats  
19 Balkiewicz Tomasz Polish municipal guards and police patches, hat badges, emblems  
20 Kocan Jacek Patches  
22 Dabrowski Stanislaw Polish hat badges, police armament  
23 Mosiadz Adam Medals, French bayonets and sabers, old porcelain  
26 Lanowiecki Andrzej Police emblems manufacturer
27 Mikitin Janusz History of police 1918-1939  
28 Starosolski Bozydar Militia and police uniforms and equipment, focused on riot units
30 Mordak Andrzej Police patches from Europe  
31 Mirecki Zdzislaw Business cards of LEA officers  
32 Fornal Janusz UB, SB, MO, ORMO, Policja, UOP medals, badges, insignia, ceremonial swords  
36 Wegnerowicz Mikolaj Polish police, NYPD, firearms instructors, police bike units, police cars models 1:43
37 Kalina Grzegorz Police cars, motorcycles, helicopters models  
38 Trzos Wlodzimierz Police patches and badges, USA number plates, coins  
39 Korowczyk Krzysztof Police and municipal guard patches, badges, hats  
41 Majewski Maciej K-9 patches, police car models  
42 Janas Dariusz SWAT patches and badges, tribal police units emblems  
43 Berezowski Mariusz Maintaining the contacts within police officers all around the world
45 Grzeskowiak Grzegorz Polish police until WWII, Slask Regional Police, police units in the period 1919-1921  
46 Biernacki Dariusz Police cars models
50 Kwiatkowski Aleksander Military history  
51 Ulanicki Robert Polish militia emblems until 1989, hat badges, medals  
54 Iljin Miroslaw Police, municipal guards and military patches
55 Potocki Piotr Police in the period 1918-1944, militia 1944-1970  
57 Podzorski Janusz Police and IPA pennants  
58 Kosmala Andrzej Police emblems, patches and badges  
61 Rzepecki Dominik Polish police emblems and equipment, Polish LEA history  
62 Markiewicz Przemyslaw Militia equipment in Poland  
63 Sandej Tomasz Police hats and helmets, mounted police, polish police before WWII, polish medals  
64 Dyda Piotr Police and polish municipal guards patches and emblems  
65 Pietrek Michal SWAT units patches  
66 Raguszewski Artur The Gendarmerie color and symbols - history and present day - badges, signs, documents, medals, coins, uniforms characteristic elements  
67 Dziubek Ireneusz Firearms and amunition, melee weapon  
68 Namysl Grzegorz Firearms and amunition, melee weapon
69 Jablonski Mariusz Police cars models  
70 Plociennik Rafal Mugs with police emblems, police hats and patches, anti drug units  
73 Kwiatkowski Jakub Militia`s traffic units, militia cars, motorbikes, uniforms, equipment  
75 Wierzbicki Michal Metalwork with blacksmithing, artistic locksmithing, including metaloplastic conservation and renovation
77 Zochowski Robert Police patches, military, numismatics  
78 Walaszczyk Jacek Money counterfeit, history of polish police before WWII
81 Pachana Wieslaw Numismatics, autographs, police and border guard patches, aviation and disposal units  
82 Lucki Jakub Filip K-9, SWAT, rescue units emblems  
85 Maslanka Piotr Emblems of SWAT, rescue teams including military units  
86 Woznicki Krzysztof Border guard service emblems, custom officers patches, old documents, passports, ID`s  
87 Wrona Robert Police hats, patches, uniforms, police cars models  
89 Klek Jaroslaw Police hats all around the world  
90 Kurjata Grzegorz WWII history and military equipment  
91 Pietruszka Miroslaw LEA officers business cards  
94 Przybylinski Kamil Militia and police uniforms and equipment
96 Blesznowski Krzysztof Polish police before WWII, antique vehicles  
97 Karwan Robert Polish army in 1939, polish police before WWII, eastern front in Russia  
100 Jakimiuk Maciej Pawel Police patches, cars models, gorgets (metal breast emblems)  
101 Wolczyk Andrzej MO and ZOMO uniforms and equipment, handhelds and flash signals
103 Makowski Dariusz Socialism period militia and state security services
104 Murawski Pawel Polish police and army before WWII, antique bicycles, shelters  
106 Lobus Artur Polish LEA (MO, ORMO, Policja) uniforms and emblems, old documents  
108 Chlebus-Jancarczyk Piotr Militia Obywatelska uniforms and equipment  
110 Oleksiejuk Michal SWAT (BOA, CBS, SAT Lublin) emblems and patches, re-enactment, ZOMO equipment (2nd ZOMO Company Warsaw)  
112 Sieger Dariusz Local and national police units emblems and badges  
114 Traliszewski Andre Police badges from South Africa, Rhodesia, Canada, Mexico, polish police before WWII  
115 Lapot Dariusz Militia and police emblems, IPA gadgets  
117 Czekajski Robert Police and municipal guards emblems and hats  
118 Cwiek Arkadiusz Military equipment, black powder firearms  
119 Nedza Marcin Polish police emblems and badges since 1919  
121 Wojtowicz Lukasz Milicja Obywatelska vehicles and equipment, socialism period medals
122 Stanczuk Waldemar Police emblems and patches before WWII, MO, ORMO, police since 1990  
123 Potasiak Przemyslaw Military, police and firefighters emblems and medals, bayonets and knives, post stamps since 1945
124 Aniol Czeslaw WWII police and MO, ORMO badges, medals, documents
125 Warda Piotr Police services badges and emblems all around the world  
126 Kijak Piotr MO, ZOMO, ORMO, militia uniforms and equipment since 1944  
127 Zawiaczynski Arkadiusz Melee weapon used by police, black powder firearms, painting  
128 Gaca Artur Police radio and communications equipment, documents, knowledge  
129 Kawczynski Andrzej Police sport clubs, medals, MO, ORMO, Policja badges, Konsumy, police vehicle models  
130 Sulej Ryszard Police hats, emblems, badges, documents  
131 Stanczak Sonia Polish police patches after 1989, polish Law Enforcement Agencies uniforms and equipment, police vehicle models    
132 Kepinski Michal WWII reenactment, history and equipment of LEA`s from socialism period - Milicja Obywatelska and ZOMO  
133 Malanowski Radoslaw Current military badges, historical and current Polish police badges, police patches, LEA pins  
134 Welnicki Tadeusz Uniforms history, badges and patches of polish, russian, german and USA military forces and police units after 1945  
135 Pazdziorek Marcin Polish police, municipal police and USA police patches
136 Lewicki Tomasz Patches and badges - municipal police and Ministry of the Interior, police - only Poland
137 Prominski Marek A wide range of interests regarding militia and police - documents, patches, equipment, uniforms, vehicles  
138 Wojtowicz Grzegorz Military (melee weapon), Austro-Hungarian Army, orders and medals, WWI, MO equipment elements  
139 Dobrowolski Artur Police car models  
140 Dudzik Oskar SPKP Szczecin souvenirs and patches since establishment of the Special Company, through SPAP, up to today, Police anti-terrorist and counter-terrorist subunits patches
141 Rozanski Rafal Firearms and ammunition in the 20th century with particular emphasis on PP and PWŚL  
142 Stanczuk Katarzyna Police and other services car models and mascots, magnets
143 Iljin Tomasz Uniformed services emblems, martial arts emblems

144 Kudelko Robert MO, ZOMO, ORMO, Police uniforms, equipment, decorations, patches, firearm
145 Balczynski Ryszard Police and Milicja Obywatelska hats, patches, uniforms, insignia, magazines (Poland and the world)  
146 Tarnopolski Slawomir MO and Police uniforms and equipment, MO motorcycles  
147 Sidorowicz Damian Polish and foreign uniformed formations hats, reconnaissance emblems and equipmentów
148 Sowinski Kamil Polish police and military patches and emergency service patches  
149 Jozwik Jacek Police car, fire brigades and ambulances models from around the world
150 Skala Andreas Police hats from around the world, badges, police patches and uniforms  
151 Szymborski Daniel Collecting and photographing emergency service vehicle models at all scales
152 Aniol Tomasz Uniformed service hats, mainly police, police patches, militia exhibits, including books  
153 Brzostowiecki Piotr Police and militia car models, 2 PLN coins, PRL banknotes  
154 Pol Witold State heraldy, cap badges of state officials from around the world (especially police) and elements of State Emblems
155 Grabowski Marek Police/militia patches - Poland and the world, other police items (whistles, medals, badges)  
156 Sokol Arkadiusz Police car models and other police vehicles from around the world  
157 Bosak Wojciech Police patches, especially OPP, SPPP, AT, SPAP, SPKP, BOA